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Spruce is Located in the beautiful Dakota Mountain Lodge nestled within The Canyons ski resort. Spruce’s first location opened in San Francisco in 2007 and has received national acclaim for its American cuisine, impeccable service, handsome decor, and unparalleled wine and spirits program. Spruce now brings that beloved neighborhood restaurant to Park City, Utah.

Upon entering you are immediately submerged in a sea of chocolate mohair walls; large saddle leather chairs and couches, a long white carrera marble bar and stunning Baccarat crystal chandeliers. Whatever the occasion may be, we welcome you to join us for a luxurious meal in our dining room, an après-ski cocktail and house-made charcuterie plate, or Spruce’s famous burger in our bar and lounge area.

Chef Mark Sullivan has crafted a menu that highlights the season’s freshest and local produce, showcasing the best of local farms. The wine list, prepared by wine and spirits director, Andrew Green, is loaded with handpicked selections from around the world. As Park City’s newest ski-in resort, Spruce welcomes you.

Comparing Harry Potter to Hamlet


Harry Potter is generally a sequence of seven fantasy narratives which were written by J.K. Rowling who was a British author. It will be documented that the central story arc is based on Harry Porter’s pursuit to conquer Lord Voldemort who was a dark wizard whose aims revolved around overcoming the world of wizards, vanquishing people who were non-magical, destroying all people particularly Harry Porter and was also aimed at turning out to be immortal. It will be further realized that since the release of Harry potter, it has actually achieved massive popularity, commercial success and critical approval allover the world (Gupta, 2003).  On the other hand Hamlet is a tragedy play that was written by William Shakespeare. The play basically dramatizes the vengeance that Prince Hamlet instills on Claudius who was his uncle for the reason that he murdered King Hamlet. It is true to say that this play actually portrays both simulated and true madness that extends from devastating grief to incensed rage.

It will be acknowledged that Hamlet purely represented humanism, logic and rationalism which are actually the considerable attributes of the English Renaissance, personality of ages and parts of the modern mind. This makes Harry Potter to be compared to Shakespeare’s Hamlet (Heilman, 2003).  It is recognized that the augmented utilization of logic and thought significantly contributed to the English rebirth of reasoning, literature, science and theater. Both Shakespeare and Rowling have both used thought and logic in establishing the title character in there texts. Harry Potter can essentially be thought to rely on the Shakespeare’s work because Hamlet is assumed to be a largely rational man who purely trusts in the reasoning power to raise humans from just earthly creatures into sanctified realm (Burnett & Manning, 1994). This is truly comparable to Rowling artistry where he uses Harry Potter as the rational man solely aimed at overcoming Voldemort who was a wizard and elevating his fellow humans into a sacred dominion. The two texts are further comparable in the themes that they reveal to the readers. Like the modern drama characters, particularly in Harry Potter, Hamlet is wholly centered at the disillusionment theme. It will be noted that Hamlet embodies the disillusionment theme just like the post modern themes in literature. The two texts focus on the sorrows and pangs of living, failure and purposelessness. They both explore on the themes of revenge, prejudice, treachery and corruption. These are issues that are attached to the human beings both in the early and contemporary world ( 2013).

It will actually be acknowledged that both characters in the two author’s texts are comparable. Shakespeare’s characters are seen to play around in an environment were love prevails leading to close relationships between the characters. On the other hand some characters are geared at carrying out revenge to their fellow characters while others are aiming at harming others through charm. Villains are seen to exist both in Harry Porter and Hamlet. In summary, the characters in both texts exhibit similar traits implying that Shakespeare’s characters actually reveal the traits revolving around contemporary characters in most authors’ works. Throughout the Shakespeare’s’ play the role of Horatio is assumed to be minor. Conversely, Horatio serves two roles that are very important in the drama. Horatio is thought to be the harbinger of truth in the play. The actions acquired by hamlet and various characters in the play only gain credibility through Horatio. Horatio deeply believes in all actions that are done by Hamlet. Since his statements are assumed to be true then when he sees the ghost we can thus believe that Hamlet sees it too (Amanda 2000, August 20).  It is thus generally held that if Horatio missed in the drama then the sanity of Hamlet would be actually in doubt.

The second purpose of Horatio in the drama is that he is the one true confidant of Hamlet. Regardless of the soliloquies of Hamlet, his dialogues with Horatio happen to be the only insight that can be relied on concerning his feelings and thinking. Prince Hamlet therefore selects Horatio to become simply the sole person he can depend on. It will be realized that Horatio is in fact the kind of man Hamlet desires to be. He is truly intelligent but from the play we can realize that he is not coerced by his intellectual creativity. He appears to agree to the world just the way it is dispensed to him. Horatio is also helpful and loyal to Hamlet allover the play and it will be documented that after the death of Hamlet, Horatio remains alive and he is willing to inform the story of Hamlet. It can be said that Ron Weasley in Rowling’s novel is assumed to be Horatio for the reason that he is the confidante and closest friend of Harry Potter. In spite of the difficult times that arise in both texts these friends remain to trust each other. It will be realized that the friends work together in overcoming their enemies.

Laertes in Shakespeare’s play is seen to be Ophelia’s brother and Polonius’ son. In most parts of the drama he appears to be in Paris which may make many readers to think that he is not an important character. Laertes is very important especially in building up the plot of the play. From the play we can say that he is a youth who is hot-headed. His anger can in one way be termed as an exhibit of strength. Laertes is reliable, charismatic and strong. Most of the characters in the play purely depend on him and through his strength he actually appears not to be afraid. He thus appears to be brave through his determination to kill anyone who might have been associated with the death of his father. Based on the play Laertes seems to exist as a man of action. This is because he has been positioned to deride Hamlet.

He is quick in making decisions and he doesn’t appear to be an exceedingly intelligent character. He has no enough proof but instantaneously considers that the king murdered his father. It is true to say that Draco Malfoy is comparable to Laertes simply because he is seen to connive against Harry Potter and his father is in fact close to Lord Voldemort. Polonius who was the father of Laertes is very close to Claudius and from the Shakespeare’s play we come to realize that Laertes in the long run plots to kill Hamlet (Stockton 2000).

Officers in the play extend to include Bernardo and Marcellus. They are the first to observe the ghost strolling on the walls of Elsinore and convene Horatio to see it. The officers are thought to be loyal, responsible and kind. They are also reliable. Through their traits they are able to convince Horatio of the Ghost existence. It can be said that Fred and George in the Harry potter are enormously similar interchangeable characters just like Bernardo and Marcellus.

In summary, most of the Shakespeare’s artistry particularly those that are endorsed in Hamlet are essentially comparable to the contemporary literature. Most of the modern authors cope from his work in their view of addressing issues that are attached within the modern society. Rowling’s Harry Potter is thus comparable with Hamlet in both its themes and the rationality of its characters.










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Memorandum of Law

Memorandum of Law
To: Al Smith & Jones, Senior Partner
From: Research Associate
RE: State and Federal Court System for California: Bob vs. Al, Kathy, Dan
Date: July 6th, 2013


Statement of Facts

California Statutes of Limitation

A promissory note is a legal document with a written undertaking with an obligation pay a debt at a stated period(s) or on demand under agreed terms and conditions.

Federal securities Act define a security to include any note. The California courts have adopted the words any note under the family of resemblance test to mean a security.

There are four factor balancing tests that have been used by the court to determine if a note qualifies to be a security. They include;

  • If the motivation is to raise money for business use or to finance a substantial investment then it qualifies to be a security.
  • If the lender dictates the terms of the loan then it makes it less likely to qualify as a security.
  • Whether the investing public expects that note to be a security i.e. if the purchasers view the notes as a type of investment, they are more likely to be securities.
  • Whether there are regulatory scheme that protects the investor other than the securities laws.

There are two statutes that govern promissory notes regulation.

  1. Written agreements are limited to four years from the date of breach.
  2. Oral agreements are limited to two years from the date of breach.



1. An overview of the state and federal courts in California

California has both the federal and state courts.

The federal courts located in California include the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and the United States District Court for the Central, Eastern, Northern and Southern Districts of California. Federal court jurisdiction is limited to the types of cases in the constitution

State courts in California are the Supreme Courts of California, California courts of appeal (with 6 appellate districts and the Superior Courts of California (with 58 courts, each for the 58 counties).  State courts have broad jurisdiction so most individual cases are involved in here.

The vast majority of the cases in California start at one of the 58 superior courts and can hear both civil and criminal cases. The next level of judicial authority rests with the Courts of Appeal. The Supreme Court serves as the highest court in the state and has discretion over decisions of the court of appeal.


2) Which court or courts has/have jurisdiction for the amount in controversy in the three lawsuits that Bob wants to file.

Bob has to file three different cases for Al ($500), Cathy ($7,000) and Dan ($55,000) in the state of California because Al, Cathy and Dan all reside in Los Angeles, California.

Monetary issues of less than $ 10,000 for a person living within the state can file a complaint in the small claims court. And all fillings above $ 10,000 will have to be filled in superior courts division. This implies that Al and Cathy claims can be filed at the small claims court while for Dan is to be filed in the superior courts division.

When a debtor defaults to pay the amount loaned, Bob can obtain a judgement against the person for the total amount owned. Where to file the suit depends on the amount defaulted as explained above.

To file a suit in the superior courts division one will require hiring an attorney since the rules in the superior court are much more complex than for small claims.

For small claims obtain a complaint from the local small claims court where the debtor resides, fill it and then file it.

For secured notes the court can guarantee seizure of security till the note is fully settled


3) Why Bob should file his lawsuits in a particular court or courts

Bob has to file his cases in different courts because of different jurisdiction depending on the case or amount of money involved in each case. However, because all the three respondents live in the state of California, Bob needs to file his complaints at the State Courts and not at the Federal Courts.

In the state courts, different courts have different jurisdiction depending on the amount of money/claims involved.



4) In which courts Bob must represent himself and in which courts he may be represented by an attorney

For the small claims, Bob does not need a lawyer to represent him.

For any claim of more than $25,000 (that is for Dan’s case which involves $55,000), Bob needs a lawyer to represent him in court because the amount exceeds $25,000.

All the above cases refer to the California Code of Civil Procedure sections 85–86.



As at the California State law, Bob has to institute legal claims against his promissory notes to Al, Cathy and Dan.  Legislation requires that monetary issues of less than $ 10,000 for a person living within the state filed within the small claims court while monetary issues involving more than $25,000 be filed with superior courts division. Bob can represent himself in the first two cases while he needs a lawyer to represent him in the superior courts division.

Introduction to American Studies


Upland South

  1. How is the Upland South similar to the Mid-Atlantic? How is it different from the Deep South?

Upland south basically refers to the northern region of Southern U.S. and it’s defined by culture, history, and landform and apparently doesn’t match up to the state demarcations. This region includes areas covered by the Lower South States like eastern Oklahoma, central Alabama, North Alabama, North Georgia, and the Upstate commonly called South Carolina.  The area also includes some parts of the Northern states, like Southern Ohio, southern Indiana, and southern Illinois around the Shawnee hills. The Upland South region surfaced as a distinctive expanse in late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century and came about through immigration and settlement outlines from the colonial coastal areas into upland. The common pattern included westward relocation from the piedmont and low country regions of Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia, plus southwestern relocation from Pennsylvania. Huge quantities of European migrants entered Philadelphia and pursued the Great Wagon Road towards south and west into the Appalachian Highlands.  These settlers were majorly Upland Southerners thus to a great deal the culture of the region originated from southeastern Pennsylvania.

The mid-Atlantic region on the other hand was an area located between the South Atlantic States and New England and it includes: North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. This region generally played a vital role in shaping the American industry, trade, commerce, and culture. The two regions, Upland South and Mid-Atlantic areas share similar cultures in that some of the European settlers who settled in the Upland South region originated from the Mid-Atlantic States. The two regions also carried out farming and their culinary patters basically influenced the American cookery.

The Deep South region is located in the American South and its quite different from the Upland South since the area was mainly reliant on plantation form of agriculture. The region covered the cotton belt extending from South Carolina to the eastern part of North Carolina and slavery was more eminent in the region. The Blacks worked in the plantations and contained the black belt which was a region inhabited by the African-Americans. The area is composed of the following states: South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama.


  1. How are the cabin, double-pen, saddlebag, and dogtrot similar? How are they different?

The European settlers constructed farmhouses to house their families and store their produce. These houses/shelters were formed in different housing styles and they included the cabins, double-pen houses, saddlebag, and dogtrot and they were similar in that all of them were wooden made from cypress and cedar trees. Bricks or rocks formed from lime or oyster acted as pilings and they kept the houses off the ground. All the types of shelters also had large shade porch to provide reprieve from the scorching sun.

The cabin shelter was basically a log cottage which had a lone room with several windows and one door. Shutters and mosquito netting were placed on the windows to keep off insects while a block or stony chimney was located on one end of the shelter. An extensive verandah presented a moderately cool area to sit. A double-pen house occurred when an addition cabin was erected on the partition directly opposite the wall of the chimney whereas when the addition was constructed on the same chimney wall, then the shelter was referred to as a saddle-bag house. On the other hand, the dog-trot house had 2 pens which were divided by a breezeway or a central open-air hall and therefore all rooms were connected by a universal room. The house also had quite a large veranda and was raised above the ground with no front door.

  1. What are the key elements of bluegrass music? Using Bill Monroe’s version of of events from “Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass,” trace the development of bluegrass music using Bill Monroe as the central character.

The bluegrass music is generally a type of American roots music which lies in the music genre called country music and was stirred by the Appalachian music. This type of music has varied roots around English, Irish, welsh, Scottish and African-Americans via the integration of jazz fundamentals.  It is a string band music composed of 4 to 7 performers accompanied by sound string instruments like the Dobro, string bass, steel guitar, mandolin, five string banjo, fiddle, double bass, and guitar. The vocal accord features 2, 3, or 4 parts regularly with a modal or dissonant resonance having the peak voice. The tunes of bluegrass music are mostly narratives surrounding daily people lives.

The bluegrass type of music has evolved over the years since its inception by Bill Monroe who made up the first generation musicians in the 1940s through to mid 1960s. These musicians used the original accompaniments including mandolin, fiddle, banjo, and Dobro amongst others. The second development in bluegrass music occurred in the 1960s to 1970s whereby musicians started composing, recording, and performing the bluegrass music and apart from newcomers, there were also the first generation musicians like Bill Monroe who were also involved in this development.

The 3rd generation development on bluegrass music occurred around mid 1980s to early 1990s where the music became “mainstream bluegrass” and instruments changed to capture the high-quality resonance equipments which allowed separate microphones for each band member and electric bass was introduced. Electrification of the other musical instruments occurred and there was revitalization of further traditional songs performed in a newer style. Moreover, there has been recent development in the genre whereby it has gone into global mainstream and therefore has got to a wider audience and has seen jazz and country music performers fuse bluegrass music into their productions.

  1. How is barbecue important as both an American and a regional foodway?

Pigs have always been a main staple food in America and commonly the southern part of the country. The barbecue is both an American and regional foodway since it has a predominant cultural importance deeply rooted in social and festival rituals. The cultural account of the South has borne the customs and rites’ surrounding the consumption of barbecue and it brings out the sex roles, race relations, and development of social relationships found in the American south. Moreover, the strong traditional inherent consumption of barbecue also stemmed from the fact that pork added taste to food without being expensive and during the great Depression majority of the Southerners used pork as it was termed as economical. Therefore, barbecue reminds the Americans of their tradition and aspects of culture.


  1. After viewing “Appalachian Journey,” explain why expressive forms like ballads, tales, and fiddle tunes are important to Appalachian culture.

The Appalachian culture is highly expressed through the Appalachian music which has been primarily derived from the Scottish and Irish fiddle music as well as Scottish and English ballad tradition. Expressive forms like fiddle tunes, tales, and ballads are extremely important in the entire Appalachian culture as they describe or rather show the community’s culture and enables the new generation catch a glimpse of the real Appalachian culture. Tales, dances, and music show the way the culture used to be and tales emanated from the mountain life the Appalachian people encountered once they settled in the mountain side.


Deep South

  1. How did Deep South race relations of the 19th century sculpt the 20th century? How are they still shaping the 21st century?

The Deep South region was composed of White settlers and the black community who at first were slaves in the agricultural plantations. There was massive segregation between the Whites and Blacks even after the country got independence and in fact about 45 years ago intermarriage between the two races was illegal. The boomer generation received quite high racial prejudices while they were growing around the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s and the Blacks had been segregated into their own parts of town. It was hard to find interracial couples and if any they were living in hell since both sides of their families would have detested them in the first place. With many civic rights movements fighting against the abolishment of slavery and racial segregation in the 19th century led to constitutional Amendments banning slavery and racial segregation in social amenities. The 20th century saw changes in racial relations where people could interact freely, attend same institutions, and board same transport systems.  Changes are also evident whereby there has been recorded many multiracial marriages in the Deep South in the 21st century therefore still shaping racial relations.

  1. What is a shotgun house? What is its origin? Why were they built?


A shotgun house is normally a thin long rectangular familial residence, which is not more than twelve feet wide, and has rooms positioned one at the back of other with doors placed at both ends of the house. Its origin is quite controversial but its thought to have African beginnings in the American South. The structure was first build in New Orleans in early 19th century immediately after the American Revolution war. These models of houses were built to accommodate the high influx of people who were moving to cities to occupy the emerging manufacturing jobs. Since they were economical to build, many people build them to provide economical shelter for people with limited.

  1. The Delta Blues are a distinctly American form of music. What are the various explanations given for the roots of the Delta Blues?

The Delta Blues is a style of blues music first incepted in the region of Mississippi Delta and the leading instruments applied include cigar box guitar, harmonica, and guitar. The root of Delta Blues lies in African music commonly from West Africa and reached America through the slave trade. The vocal methodology and theme emanates carries a west African background and also the timbre and tone reflects an African influence. Also, others believe that this type of music is just a variant of country blues music and got influenced by the social and cultural integrations in the Deep South region.

  1. What is Mardi Gras? Is there more to it than drunken revelry?

Mardi Gras carnival celebrations and its culture was brought into the country by the Spanish and French settlers in the Deep South region. Mardi Gras refers to proceedings of a festival celebrations, which starts after the Epiphany and ends a day prior to Ash Wednesday. The day of the celebrations sometimes known as Shrove Tuesday, meaning to confess has a strong religious custom and obligation and is associated with the penance period of Lent. Therefore, it is usually more than a drunken revelry since it’s a spiritual celebration immediately before the custom Lenten season.

  1. How the crawfish is boil an important part of Cajun identity? How does the Cajun’s relationship to the crawfish differ from the Mainer’s relationship to the lobster? How is it similar?

The crawfish boil is actually tied to the Cajun’ culinary Calendar and culture and plays the role of seasonality as well as a ritual of passage. This ceremony is conducted by fathers and they organizes a carnival so as to tribute a landmark in their kid’s life therefore giving them identity through instilling and reflecting on regional principles such as sense of community and patriarchal leadership. The Maine lobster or rather Maine is mostly renowned to produce the highest quantities of lobster in the country and has risen from 20 million pounds annually between 1950s and 1980s and recently this has risen to about 126 million pounds of lobster annually. Therefore, the relationship between Cajun and crawfish is quite different since its viewed as a rite of passage while in Maine’ lobster is seen as a source of income.

The Scranton Ghost walk is an annual event which involves people taking tours around the downtown at night with lantern lights. I have heard tragic and spooky tales about the Scranton town which reveals that the town was once haunted by ghosts who brought tragic deaths and weird disasters to the town dwellers long time ago.  The ghosts are known to habit the numerous underground and abandoned tunnels which crisscross the town and they are purported to have emergent at night to terrorize the residents.

















Ethics Study

Question 3

Ethics refers to a system that revolves around the moral principles that actually have an effect on how people lead their lives and make rational decisions. It will be documented that ethics is wholly concerned with what is essentially good for the people and the society in general and is sometimes portrayed as a moral philosophy. I agree with the proposition that an ethical person turns out to be an ethical profession. Studies reveal that professional ethics usually encompass corporate, organizational, and personal behaviors standards that are expected from professionals. Ethics are geared at providing a moral map to the people. Therefore an ethical person usually acquires attributes that are exemplary situating him or her to become professional leader. It is in most cases realized that most ethical people have dignity and respectfulness which are some of the traits revolving around an ethical professional. They respect others.  Ethical leaders gradually start to treat people in way that truly authenticates their beliefs and values. Through ethics people become transparent and accountable especially in their course of duty which is some of the traits that encompass ethical professionals. In addition ethical leaders turn out to be just, honest and willing to serve others and build the community making them to turn out be professionals. In general, the traits of many ethical people gradually change positioning them to become ethical professionals.


Question 4

It will be realized that to primary care physicians are usually responsible for the management of those patients who have actually made suicide attempts. It is thus held that one should have a vivid strategy regarding the suicidal patient within the emergency room, hospital and in the office. In severe situations, the first precedence is to stabilize the patient as well as promising his medical safety.

It is generally accepted that when assessing a suicidal patient he or she should be kept safe. Since our patient in question is capable of partaking an interview then one should ask her, “why now?” This calls one to listen intently to the ideas of the patient, Tara. One is also obliged to carry out a detailed and thorough physical examination regarding the patient (Carrigan & Lynch, 2003).

An individual is further required to stabilize the current health condition and help in treating several co-morbid conditions that may accompany the patient. Inquire collateral information that can be obtained from the police and also from the emergency medical staff from the nearby hospital. Ask them on how you can deal with a patient trying to carry out a suicidal attempt. You can take the patient with you to consult psychiatric and other professionals in mental health from the nearby health unit who can help in guiding and counseling the patient (Remley & Herlihy, 2001). Before you carry out the advice session to the suicidal patient you should get some information regarding the risks associated with suicide, the necessary procedures required for a suicide assessment and the vital guidelines to intervene to her issue that you can obtain for your friends or suitable professionals (Brems, 2000).




Question 5

Although each nation and culture is thought to be different, group works have similar problems allover the globe. The problems are so severe such that they can necessitate groups to come up with undemocratic or flawed decisions, avert the groups from realizing their decisions and also can enable the groups to break. The problems encountered in most groups extend to include long meetings, inconsistent procedures and goals, unequal group commitment and involvement, dissimilar communication styles, low literacy and communication skills, intense power differences, poor memory regarding the past expeditions of the group, scantily  constructed associations within the group and prolonged group conflicts.

Group therapy is where therapists usually treat petite groups of clients jointly as a whole group. The disadvantages associated with therapeutic groups’ extent to include personal clashes and fear of cooperating with other people that stems from the difficulties associated with overcoming ordinary social phobias.  The activities in the therapy groups may seemingly be uncomfortable to some of the members. Aggressive behaviors, confidentiality break and fear of rejection especially when interacting with several people. The harm inflicted by group works can be reduced by setting group goals, changing the goals after a certain period of time, designing sound and fair group procedures, maintaining  meetings short, balancing the involvement of the members in the groups, working together and playing games to reduce conflicts. The groups’ past should be recorded and measures taken to employ competent and experienced people.


Question 6

Therapeutic groups involve therapists who usually treat petite groups of clients jointly as a whole group. Self-help groups refer to groups of people that are geared at providing mutual support for oneself. Advocacy groups  refers to a group of people who work on behalf or even stalwartly supporting a specific  cause for instance a special section of the society or a legislation item. Therapeutic groups help in offering a sense of belonging, instill insights to the lives of many people within the groups, necessitate room for tackling relational problems, make it easier to discuss problems within the group members and also help in developing social interaction skills that are healthy. Self-help groups benefits may include its flexibility in scheduling because it usually arranged based on the weekly schedule of the individual, it deeply investigates problems, it is easy to set up, necessitates a focused attention towards the personal issues, less commitment and due to its predictability and calmness it is suitable for disorders  such as social phobias and anxiety disorders.  Advocacy groups on the other hand help in reducing the sense of isolation, encourage the freedom to express feelings that are negative, helps one to develop efficient coping skills and enhances self esteem. If the three groups work together problems associated with different people can effectively be addressed as one will be able to suite in either groups where he or she feels comfortable.

Part 2

Question 2

Community change clearly refers to changes that are realized in the organization of the society. It will as a result be acknowledged that people team together so as to work successfully towards achieving a tremendous change within the society so as to help in curbing the associated problems and shortages experienced in the society. People come together so as to mobilize resources, to identify common goals and strategies that are required in achieving the set objectives. As human service workers community change requires us to work towards alleviating the problems and achieving the objectives of the society that actually revolve around attaining a sustainable economic growth. Service workers should reduce tax fraud, tax evasion and avoidance so as to help in generating the projected income necessary to bring about changes in the community. This actually calls for the service workers to turn out to be ethical professionals by being accountable, transparent, honest and ready to help others in view of achieving a commendable community change.

Question 3

Martin Luther King, Jr.:
Our nettlesome task is to discover how to organize our strength into compelling power.

This clearly implies that communities or countries need to identify and organize their strengths in order to achieve their set objectives and also in surpassing their rival competitors. Service workers should therefore help the society to specialize in producing goods and services that they have a comparative advantage. This helps in organizing their strengths in the most economical way to achieve the targeted changes in their economy. In summary, if the strengths within a given society are well organized then the society clearly achieves a convincing power in its production and the economy in general.


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